Astigmatism in the Context of Cataract Surgery with the Use of Toric Intraocular Lenses – Curent Literature Review
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Klinika Okulistyki Katedry Okulistyki Wydziału Nauk Medycznych w Katowicach Śląskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Katowicach
Oddział Okulistyki Dorosłych Uniwersyteckiego Centrum Klinicznego im. prof. K. Gibińskiego Śląskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Katowicach
Publication date: 2023-12-30
Okulistyka 2022;(4):43-47
Assessment and management of astigmatism is often difficult, and one of the specific situations in which this problem must be faced is when a patient with astigmatism is qualified for cataract surgery. A relatively predictable method of astigmatism correction during a single procedure and also the method of choice in the treatment of cataracts accompanied by corneal astigmatism is cataract phacoemulsification with implantation of toric intraocular lenses. The aim of the study is to review the current literature on this topic. The prevalence of corneal astigmatism ≥1.0 D in patients with cataract varies in various studies from 34.8 to 66.9%, which illustrates the scale of demand for this procedure. The paper discusses the key aspects of pre-operative assessment of astigmatism, including the changes that occur with the aging process. The importance of measuring the posterior corneal astigmatism and the consequences of its neglect in the form of deviations in the assessment of total corneal astigmatism and postoperative residual refractive errors were emphasized. Attention was paid to available updates of toric calculators and innovations in cases of irregular astigmatism.
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