Introduction:: The article presents a retrospective analysis of postoperative, anatomic results, including complications in a group with diagnosed primary and recurrent retinal detachment, involving the lower quadrants, where heavy silicon oil was used. Material and methods:: Heavy silicone oil was injected in 53 eyes in 51 patients. In most cases combined procedures were performed, including lens removal, removal of cerclage or iris reconstruction. Results:: Retinal attachment was finally achieved in 88.5% of cases in the eyes with diagnosed primary retinal detachment and in 77.7% in the group with recurrent retinal detachment. Statistically significantly more retinotomies were performed in the eyes with recurrent retinal detachment. Residual peripheral vitreous required removal during repair surgery in the eyes with recurrent retinal detachment. In the eyes with postoperative aphakia a modification of Ando iridotomy was performed. Conclusions:: Heavy silicon oil should be used as the endotamponade of choice, in eyes where the cause of retinal detachment is located in lower quadrants and cannot be effectively treated using another form of endotamponade because of low and unpredictable postoperative effectiveness. Location of the cause of retinal detachment should constitute the main criterion of choosing of the right kind of endotamponade.
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